This is a rp based on the series RWBY here are the rules

  • no super overpowered semblance
  • no being (too) op
  • only one character for now
  • no meta gaming
  • no auto hits
  • you can not start of having full control of your semblance
  • no infinite dodging
  • no unbreakable armour
  • you must have a character card
  • you must use all the requirements given
  • you can add more areas to the character card

This is the character card set up



Colour that they are based on: (optional)


Explanation of semblance:

Aura effects: (like ruby's petals) (optional)

Species: (if fuanus what kind)

Outfit: (optional)



Fighting style: (optional)



Maker/Smith: (optional)

Type: (weapon type and four letter abbreviation, such as High Caliber Sniper Scythe or HCSS) (optional)

Design: (handle, blade, etc colors, as well as any patterns or decoration)

Holstered/Inactive Form: (How it looks when stored) (optional)

Form 1:

Form 2: (optional)

Form 3: (optional)

Features: (secondary features or hidden components which do not involve transforming) (optional)

Dust Capacity: (dust types used/stored. optional)

Usage: (how the wielder uses it in combat; i.e. summary of fighting style)

This is based in a alternate universe were not all the stuff that happened in RWBY happened especially the fact that there is no and was no team RWBY

That is all have fun